Why Did Joan Crawford Hate Wire Hangers

Why Did Joan Crawford Hate Wire Hangers?

Joan Crawford, the iconic Hollywood actress, was known for her glamorous on-screen presence and her meticulous attention to detail. However, one particular detail that seemed to bother her immensely was wire hangers. Crawford famously detested wire hangers and reportedly flew into a rage whenever she found them in her closet. But what was the reason behind her intense dislike for this seemingly harmless object? Let’s delve into the possible reasons behind Joan Crawford’s hatred for wire hangers.

1. Was Joan Crawford’s hatred for wire hangers real or just a myth?
Yes, it was real. Several accounts from people close to Crawford, including her adopted daughter Christina Crawford, confirm her strong aversion to wire hangers.

2. What was the main reason for Crawford’s hatred?
One theory suggests that Crawford despised wire hangers because they were cheap and easily bent, causing her clothes to lose their shape. She preferred sturdy, expensive hangers to maintain the pristine condition of her garments.

3. Did she express her aversion publicly?
While there is no documented evidence of her publicly expressing her hatred for wire hangers, Crawford’s disdain for them was well-known among those close to her.

4. Did Crawford have any specific preferences for hangers?
Crawford preferred padded hangers or wooden ones covered in fabric, which were more gentle on her clothes and helped maintain their shape.

5. Was her hatred for wire hangers just an eccentricity?
While many consider Crawford’s hatred for wire hangers to be an eccentricity, it is important to remember that she had a reputation for being a perfectionist and having a keen eye for detail.

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6. Did her hatred for wire hangers extend beyond her personal preferences?
Crawford’s hatred for wire hangers seemed to be limited to her own wardrobe. There is no evidence to suggest that she had any issues with others using them.

7. Did Crawford’s dislike for wire hangers impact her relationships?
According to her adopted daughter Christina, Crawford’s anger towards wire hangers often led to explosive arguments within the family.

8. Did Crawford’s hatred for wire hangers have any broader impact?
While her detestation for wire hangers might seem trivial, it did contribute to her overall image as a Hollywood diva and added to the public’s fascination with her.

9. Was her hatred for wire hangers related to her perfectionist persona?
Yes, her aversion to wire hangers can be seen as a manifestation of her perfectionism and the meticulous care she took in maintaining her personal appearance.

10. Did Crawford’s dislike for wire hangers continue throughout her life?
There is no definitive answer to this question. However, given that she maintained her reputation as a fashion icon until her death, it can be assumed that she maintained her preference for non-wire hangers.

11. Was Crawford the only celebrity with such a peculiar aversion?
No, many celebrities have been known for their particular preferences and aversions. Each individual has their own idiosyncrasies, and Crawford’s hatred for wire hangers was one of hers.

12. Did Crawford’s hatred for wire hangers impact the fashion industry?
While Crawford’s personal preferences did not have a direct impact on the fashion industry, her overall influence as a style icon certainly left a lasting impression. Her meticulous attention to detail and disdain for wire hangers only added to her aura of glamour and perfection.

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In the end, Joan Crawford’s intense hatred for wire hangers may seem like an insignificant quirk, but it was an integral part of her personality and added to her legendary status as an iconic Hollywood actress.

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